To play golf Playa Grande Golf and Ocean Club ( WORLD-CLASS GOLF 90 km / 1h40 from Las Terrenas - Overlooking the crescent-shaped Playa Grande Beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, the Playa Grande golf course is characterized by long perspectives, paths lined with cliffs and greens with meticulous contours. Ten holes play directly on the ocean, the largest golf course in the Western Hemisphere, giving it an elite distinction in the international golf community. Originally designed in 1995 by golf legend and famous architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr., it has since been largely relaunched by his son, famed golf architect Rees Jones. Designed to provide a balanced experience and exhilarating golf game, the first nine and nine courses offer an exciting mix of holes running along the cliffs. Mother Nature provided the setting, while Rees Jones and his father designed a course that features an exhilarating ebb and flow - which culminates with a memorable finish for every golfer. Bring in euros or dollars? Both currencies are accepted without problem. Although it is better to pay in local currency (Dominican peso). Change your money in exchange offices instead of banks, because the exchange rate is more interesting, it is better to change in cities than in airports or hotels. You can also withdraw Dominican pesos with your credit card at ATMs in the country. Most distributors have a withdrawal ceiling, usually set at $ 10,000 RD. Ask about your bank's commissions in case of frequent withdrawals! Local currency The local currency is the Dominican peso: RD $. The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere and the euro is accepted in all banks and bureaux de change. Our advice: pay as much as you can in pesos, because the use of the "green ticket" tends to drive up prices. For information: 1 US $ = about 50 RD $ 1 € = about 58 RD $ The Dominican Republic is a safe country? It is a country in general calm and stable. Crime exists, of course, but much less than in our big European cities. In some tourist areas, you just have to pay attention to pickpockets and crooks, but that's the fate of many countries. Do not wear expensive jewelry, keep your documents in the safe of your villa, if there is one, or in your locked suitcase. In short, a usual travel advice, just common sense. However, always keep a photocopy of the passport, this is sufficient during a check. You can travel around the country without particular risks, avoid the night, but no unnecessary paranoia. Dominicans are generally sweet, kind and very helpful. Is my driver's license valid in the Dominican Republic? Yes, you can drive a rental car with your valid driver's license. Keep a copy with you and leave the original in the house. Use your mobile phone in R & D If your phone is unlocked, opt for a prepaid SIM card that you buy directly from an onsite telecommunications agency, this is the best option to stay at your fingertips. Several private companies such as Claro (the most established in the country), Altice or Viva are represented in the main cities of the country and even in the airport. You have a local phone number assigned immediately. Only the passport is required. If your phone is not unlocked, buy a cheap phone (more or less 1000 RD $). Only tri-band phones and smartphones work here. Check with your operator before leaving. The operator Orange is present in the Dominican Republic. For calls to mobile phones, if the chip is Dominican, dial 809, 829 or 849. Otherwise, call 1-809 (or 1-829). international calls To call the Dominican Republic from Spain: 00 + 1 + (809 or 829 or 849) + number of the correspondent (7 digits). It's the same code for the whole country: 809 or 829 or 849. To call from the Dominican Republic 011 + (country code) + corresponding number. Internet and wifi All our villas are equipped with wifi. Connecting to the Wi-Fi network is the best way to connect to the Web for free. You can communicate via Skype. The Viber app also allows you to call and send messages, photos and videos for free. Same principle with WhatsApp very popular in the Dominican Republic. Postal service Inposdom is the postal service in R & D, but unfortunately it is terribly slow and unreliable. There is no postal service in Las Terrenas, as we know it in Europe. However, there are transport solutions for parcels and correspondence from and to the interior and exterior of the Dominican Republic. Private companies: Vimenpaq, DHL, Fedex and others. Regarding the rent Why rent a villa and not a room in a hotel? This offers great benefits and is a great way to take a vacation. Many of our guests come back to the same property year after year. It's like being at home! They find the same staff, the same attention, the same service. A typical villa in Las Terrenas has 2 to 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and outdoor spaces. Almost all have a private pool. The price: Private villas are usually cheaper to travel with family or with a group of friends. Are there additional costs? What is included or not included in the price? What additional costs should I anticipate? The services included in the rental price are different depending on the villas, so check the description of these to check. Generally the electricity has an additional cost, the price is 15 pesos per kW (0,31 us $ or 0,27 €).