A private golf area reserved for the 17 owners, consisting of two PAR 3s of 120m and 180m with bunkers and a green of 500m2, a green approach to 90m and a putting green.

The residence enjoys a tranquility and a natural environment unique to Las Terrenas.

It also benefits from all the facilities of Bonita Village: large swimming pool, tennis court, security, maintenance of roads and interior green spaces, natural lagoon in which evolve several species of fish and turtles.

The project will benefit from a double privacy, that of the residence, completely closed, and that of the area of ​​Bonita Village inside which it is located. Being able to leave the area directly on the beach is also a guarantee of tranquility.

The layout of the villas and the management of plant hedges in the project will allow everyone to have a view of the park and the fairways.

Each villa will have a surface area of ​​approximately 1100m2.

We offer 4 models of villas, single storey or with 1 floor.

Space, light ... and well being.

Clean, minimalist lines, high ceilings, full-length windows, open-plan bathrooms and large volumes offer a sense of space and openness to the outdoors and make these contemporary villas functional and enjoyable.

The architecture of the villas has been designed so that a maximum of rooms of the house overlook the park and the fairways.

Orientation of the villas East / South-East allows them to receive the trade winds of the ocean, ensuring freshness and ventilation in the habitat.

The gardens are delivered with their turf and trees with the trees of your choice.

The intimacy of the living space is protected by walls and vegetable hedges, while leaving a clear view of the park and the fairways.

All rooms in the house are equipped with ceiling fans.

The rooms are delivered air-conditioned by Inverter regulation systems (energy consumption reduced by 40%)

Each villa comes with its swimming pool or swimming lane, benefiting from a salt water treatment system guaranteeing a soft water on the skin, without added chemicals.

The villas can also be delivered equipped with solar panels.

All villas are connected to the city's water network (INAPA), providing purified water.

A system of recovery and storage of rainwater, can complement the ecological and autonomous aspect of your villa.

Villa No. 1 - 256/292 m2 - Us $ 314,310 (one level)
Villa No. 2 - 256/292 m2 - Us $ 329,300 (with 1 floor)
Villa No. 3 - 281/353 m2 - US $ 340,350 (with 1 floor)
Villa No. 4 - 292/364 m2 - 351,290 us $ (with 1 floor)
Villa No. 5 - 165/201 m2 - US $ 224,310 (one level)

Villa + Land: from 410,000 us $